Take your Office anywhere. Move your Office to the Cloud for better flexibility and improved productivity.
Improve your Business with Cloud.IT
SMB and Enterprise level systems to make sure that when the worst happens your Data is safe.
Backups & Disaster Recovery
Hyper-V Replication
All your data resides completely in New Zealand. Meet your security and compliance needs locally.
100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

Virtual desktop experience

Bring your desktop anywhere you have an internet connection. Virtual desktop moves your desktop to the cloud and gives you the flexibility to work where you choose.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure peace of mind with offsite backups to the Cloud. Full disaster recovery solutions help you get back up and running fast when disaster strikes.

Data sovereignty

Never worry about your data again. All your data is kept safe right here in New Zealand, so you always know where your data is and what laws apply.

Improve your Business with Cloud.IT

We take care of the infrastructure and management so that you can focus on your core Business. We offer cost-effective solutions that move you to the Cloud and that can improve the productivity and flexibility of your current Office.

We let you think Business not IT

We know how to save you time and money

We have the experience for your project


Geographically separated locations ensure data security and convenience.


Experienced Consultants and a wide client base give the ability to provide expert solutions to diverse needs.


100% New Zealand owned and operated to guarantee your data sovereignty.

Business Focus

We put our focus on managing your IT infrastructure in the Cloud, allowing you to put the focus on your business.

Planning and Prevention

24×7 management technology with advanced remote connection tools allow us to look to manage systems, not react to them.


Cloud.IT’s fully staffed help desk facilitates rapid and experienced responses to unforeseen issues.


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